I LOVE LOVE LOVE CheerXperience. My two daughters cheer here and I am so happy with how
much the entire staff cares about my girls - as athletes and more importantly as young women.
The coaches work hard on instilling important goals with their athletes - hard work, commitment,
team work, a positive perspective, sportsmanship, friendship, doing well in school, and even
community service. I have witnessed time and time again all of the athletes supporting and
encouraging their teammates. If an athlete who has struggled with a certain skill finally achieves
the goal, she/he is met with cheers and hugs and praise by the staff and other athletes. It is so
heartwarming to watch! Overall, my girls and I love this family!!
— LS

Personal weekly training in physical skill, mental clarity and knowledge. Why do our cheerleaders at CheerXperience learn tumbling faster and succeed to levels beyond their imagination ? It comes down to acquiring tumbling skills by developing character. Every week we talk about the period of courage, perseverance and teamwork. When associating these traits with tumbling , we not only see athletes learning tumbling quicker, but more importantly they learn to emulate these actions and note these traits as VALUABLE!!! Classes are available all week for all levels and ages.