CheerXperience All-Star Prep "RISE TEAMS" have weekly team training in discipline- based goals, focus, responsibility and self-control. A step toward CheerXperience All-Stars.

The influence and guidance from the coaches and teammates has allowed my daughter to grow in to a more confident, motivated, and positive child
— PR

Have you ever wanted to become a cheerleader and make a step toward personal transformation in skill development, valuable goal setting and connecting with others?



 CheerXperience Prep is a version of CheerXperience All-Stars that will allow cheerleaders to discover how to work with other people toward a common goal, how to clarify and define a process toward success and also how to develop discipline and a willingness to show up each week to work toward goals. Practices are once a week, include an additional tumbling class, and compete several times locally. No experience necessary to join!