I love CX! But more importantly, my daughter loves CX! Her coaches, her teammates...everything. Over the last few years, her skills have grown by leaps and bounds! The friends she has made here will be forever lasting. The support from everybody has been so outstanding. It truly is a home away from home. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!
— BC

CheerXperience is the most dynamic, comprehensive and flourishing program available for personal transformation in physical skills, unity and child development. It is all about goal setting, knowledge and productivity.


CheerXperience All-Stars is a year around program that transforms children into driven, positive, consistent and passionate people. The cheerleading experience is elevated by taking action everyday in character, overcoming fear and doubt as well as creating a real effort toward success.


CheerXperience All-Stars requires a full year commitment as teams practice twice a week with an unlimited tumbling class pass. Teams compete several times in California with a chance to compete nationally.  No experience or skill is needed to join, we are passionate about creating the most amazing transformation in children.