Sarah Mitchell is the owner of the number one cheerleading, tumbling and child development center in Northern California. Hundreds of cheerleaders and tumblers have overcome fear, completed skill progressions and have broken the bounds of their current beliefs making CheerXperience the most successful place to learn tumbling, cheer and life skill.

At a young age, Sarah was reaching a level of maturity to pursue a cheerleading gym that would raise the standards of focus, joy, kindness, relationships and motivate cheerleaders with a new level of ambition and energy.

By age 20, she opened her first gym where athletes could learn in a positive and enthusiastic energy that lasts. It took a lot of work, and she had to figure out how to do a lot of things by herself. She showed up everyday with an action to move forward and created a work ethic that helped her survive the tough times.  By age 25, the gym expanded to hundreds of cheerleaders who are bold, courageous and chasing their dreams. By age 30, Sarah elevated the cheerleading experience by working with a child development doctor who created a daily dialogue to keep pursuing goals that are difficult, to reach higher ambitions, and to do it with kindness and love with the people around them. Since then, she has dedicated her message and life to help cheerleaders achieve their dreams no matter how difficult it gets.