2018 Tryout Routines

The Tryout Routines will be explained , taught, and demonstrated at our VIP Tryout Clinic on April 21st. Please utilize the material on this website to view and practice if you are unable to attend the #Gottahaveit leveled clinics or the provided VIP Clinic.

*All athletes that wish to be considered for our All -Star Teams will perform one of these routines. If you are a beginner athlete please call 916.697.5214 for additional options.

The Tryout Routine Layout

1. Running Pass Elite 

2. Running Pass Intermediate 

3. Transition Pass ( Up to athlete )

4. Jump to tumbling 

5. Combination Jumps

6. Standing Pass Elite 

7. Standing Pass Intermediate

8. Dance & Performance  

To download the 2018 CheerXperience Tryout Music please click here


2018 Tryout Dance: Junior & Under 

Ages 10 and under or beginner athlete 

*Please note* ANYONE that falls into this category MAY do the senior dance (found below)


2018 Tryout Dance Senior 

Ages 11 and older 


Tryout Routine FAQ:

Q. Do I have to perform the exact tumbling skills in the video?
A. Yes , the only skill we will allow to be replaced is the "move/transition skill" 
Q. What if I mess up my routine in front of  the judges?
A. Athletes are permitted to try their routine again if they have not performed to the best of their abilities. 
Q. Will I be placed on a team that is the level of my tryout routine?
A. We do not promise levels before, during or after our tryouts. Our tryout process must be completed by every participant to form the best possible teams this season. Tryouts will define an athletes true tumbling ability, however may end up higher or lower or the same as their tryout .