What makes CheerXperience more successful than any other cheer program?

Our staff has been able to create an environment full of positive energy and mental clarity. We use character building in every part of our practices to keep our cheerleaders energized, engaged and productive. This is our ultimate secret in getting our cheerleaders to have limitless energy and achievement.

Your child can be an extraordinary performer in every area of their life by participating in our cheerleading program and learn how to overcome fear and doubt, sustain motivation and momentum, create real effort in accomplishing goals and become a loving person with dignity

Learn My #1 Surprising Way to Gain Tumbling

Plus a Confident Child in the Process!

Sarah Mitchell and her staff made our transition into the intimidating sport of All Star Cheer a truly positive and exciting experience. I am constantly amazed at how much my daughter has grown, both as an athlete, and as a person while at CheerXperience. The focus is always on the process, and being prepared mentally and physically for the skills. WE LOVE CHEERXPERIENCE!!!!!
— CS


Meet Sarah Mitchell 

Sarah Mitchell is the owner of the number one tumbling, cheerleading and child development center in Northern California.

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